‘Corpoholic’: cons’s of keeping a job in a ‘corporate’ environment

Should list of con’s of working in corporate environments be shorter than pro’s?
Check it in pro’s and con’s post


1. Working in corporate does not sound very ‘sexi’

People are omitting to admit they are part of corporate. When I ask my collegaues usually they use brands their work for, like Coca Cola, General Electric or Mars. Ok, sounds shorter but just listen, they are never using ‘I’m working for General Electric corporate’. Why? Because they have impression that just brand name does not have a negative connotation that they are working in a large matrix organization structures and 95% of activities in their job are driven directly or indirectly by specific procedures.

2. Flexible equals unlimited working hours

Corporate requires high flexibility and commitment in target realisation. ‘Deadline is dead line’ meaning one need to do something ‘on time’ or can ‘realise his/her career opportunities outside an organisation’.

Obviously working with targets and deadlines means that during certain periods of year the workload is immense and there is no way not to follow it. The stress behind is just part of a job description.

3. Procedures killing ‘spontaneity’

Corporate ‘Follow the procedure’ is killing our human being if we take it personally. But whether ‘follow the procedure’ in our personal life does not mean that we shall take a shower at the start of the day or that we shall grab something for breakfast…? If we were taking our personal ‘follow the procedure’ activities also seriously, we would die from hunger.

What I mean is that part of human being are rules and procedures (spoken or written) and there is nothing wrong with written procedures unless we start taking it personally and stop enjoying our job.

4. Limiting friends cycle to those that work in ‘corporate’

Working in a corporate environment changes are behaviours and opinions. Therefore with time we have less and less points in common with our friends from outside corporate. It is part of a price we would pay by working in corporate.

5. Restructuring, merges, acquisitions and other business transformations

Corporates are working to meet expectation of return to their shareholders and therefore they continuously working on decreasing cost base, improving profitability, reducing number of sites, moving physical structures to virtual/electronic ones. All that projects drive to people reduction. Sonner or later, by working in corporate, there is a risk of losing the job. That are facts. But in all cases I know, corporates prepare severance packages payments as well as outplacement programs that allow to land working for another corporate that is in a position of increasing its activities.

Maybe I’m too much corpoholic but the list of disadvantages of working in a corporate finishes after the point 5. I can see much more benefits than minuses.

Any more cons You can place on the list?

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