Corpoholic’ life. Challenges. Opportunities. # 2 share # with U

This is the post excerpt.


Since 22 years I’m corpoholic … I hold managerial position …. I’m woman … and I’m Blond … 

Are You ,same as me, feeling that You are stuck in a matrix organisation with endless procedures, bush of hierarchies, relations and structures? Have You already considered to leave the corporate for freedom of free choice, to run Your own business, open Your own restaurant or a little hotel in a mountain village …?

I did. Many times. But I’m blond and corpoholic…  So I’m always dreamming about my own little restaurant and what would that mean to my day-to-day life and work-life balance to WAKE UP and go one another day to an office.

I would like to use this site to share with all of You which parallel ‘world’ fits better our expectation: the ‘restricted’ life in corporate world or the ‘real daily fight’ in the ‘outside’ to survive for leaving.

I’m already working 22 years in corporate structures and was seeing lots of friends being lost on the way: fired, burned-out, escaped. The corporate world seems to be tough as content many written restrictions like standard processes, procedures, 4-eye principles, segregation of duties, formal appraisals, 360⁰ assesments and many mane others. In the beginning when we join corporate organisation we simple learn it and accept it. Nevertheless with time passing by we tend to see it as tightening us down and restricting opportunities to further develop. We start jealously looking into our friends outside corporate that do not need to leave office at 6 p.m. and do not need to listen to new ideas of our bosses. And we start to hate it. More and more.

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