Let’s face it. Technology would take our jobs away

Technology would take our current jobs away, starting from corporate, finishing on mid-size and small companies operating on their little local markets, today still believing corporate reality would not affect the way they work?

We can wake up and start dressing up for that reality or stay at bed and dream that all the technology changes around would not affect us at all. We can still dream that technology was giving us new smartphones, smart tv’s, smart or ‘e-‘ shopping and would never create smart-jobs ….

How the smart-jobs may look like?

Let’s take an analogy to smart-phones that moved many activities from physical presence (like note-books, paper calendars, post cards etc) to one gadget placed in our pocket where all activities are done in a ‘real time’. Similar influence of technology change would affect our white collar jobs. Looking around into our today office, we would not need sales people driving to point of sales to sale our products, we would not need a procurer or planner who keep track and ensures we have all needed supplies on stock, we would also not need lady who makes posting of paper invoices, or controller who would prepare data to the management.

So whom would the corporate need? Which jobs would stay in 10-20 years for us poor white collar mid-class?

The answer is very simple: any jobs requiring thinking, creativity, interpretation, drawing conclusion, taking decision, recognising risks or new opportunities …

Maybe the future jobs for white collars would not be so bad, maybe I could risk it will be more fun and interesting than today?


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